About SingleOps

SingleOps is the first of its kind CRM & Field Service software hybrid for mobile service companies. We're pioneering a new category in cloud technology we like to call "Mobile Operations Automation".

We are an early stage B2B software-as-a-service company based out of Atlanta, GA. In the last 3 years we have grown the team to 10 full-time employees and have signed up hundreds of happy customers. We recently raised a $1M seed round with Atlanta Ventures and David Cummings, one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs and investors in the country.

The SingleOps product works beautifully for any mobile service business – think of any company that sends a crew, technician, or asset into the field to do a job (landscapers, tree removal, construction, equipment rentals, mobile healthcare, pest control, etc.). These verticals are incredibly fragmented due to the growth constraints inevitable with coordinating all of their field labor. Historically, these companies have used paper forms, whiteboards, spreadsheets, and outdated ill-fitting software to run their business. This results in a nightmare of duplicate data entry, inefficiency, slow growth, and low profitability.

For growth-oriented companies in these industries, which there are tens of thousands, SingleOps is an absolute “must have”. By integrating CRM, estimates, scheduling, job management, time tracking, invoicing, job costing, and QuickBooks syncing, SingleOps eliminates duplicate data entry and dramatically improves productivity, helping the business to drive higher revenue and profits.

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